The Aborigines are the original inhabitants of Australia. They have an ancient culture with many specific dances and rituals for all occasions: initiation, weddings, hunting and death. They may only be danced by the Aborigines. Visitors are rarely invited. The men and women perform their own dance moves. Usually, they are separated from each other. Sometimes they come to the climax of the ritual together. There is also danced to care for the country when the "Dreamtime" or the creation story is sung. The Aborigines believe the country where they live and where they are dependent on remains fertile by this.

aboriginaldanceAboriginal who are dancing abroad or show rituals must first ask permission from their mentor. This is an older family member, who dances and rituals brings to the children. Only when they find that young people are ready for a certain ritual or a particular dance, it is taught. They dance to celebrate and learn.
Children learn to recognize animals at a very young age and imitate them, so that they know how an animal moves, lives and eats. Later this can be useful when they are hunting. Each has its own series of Aboriginal totems, animal, plant, natural phenomenon that suits him or her. A kangaroo, bird, star of the East Wind.... The animals can also be recognized in their dances and imitations.

The many tribes have their own dances and rituals. The Aborigines have always had knowledge about the animals and plants that occur on their land and in the sea and on which they depend for their survival. They experience a living connection with them.

A "corroboree" is a dance ceremony. In limited clan connection it is called a Joonba. On a "Munga Munga" all participants are women. A "Wangka" is a celebration ceremony. Stories are depicted about the land, religion and culture.

Before English settlers in 1788 marched into Australia, there were 700,000 Aboriginal in 500 different clans. Who each had their own language and customs. The Aborigines were not considered to be people. Their land was taken away. They were oppressed and murdered. Only in the 20th century land is returned back to the Aborigines. There are now many Aborigines in big cities. Much of their culture has been lost. Some Aborigines have a strong connection to the Dreamtime. There are only 160,000 Aborigines, which is about 1 % of the population of Australia.
Like the Native Americans (and Africans) also here the white settler destroyed most of the original culture.